South on a Schooner

Hi Friends!

I know it’s been a long time since you have heard from me. The summer was busy and enjoyable on Shelter Island.

For those who haven’t heard Hugh and I got married September 17, 2011. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write about the proposal and wedding.

In the meantime, check out my second blog South on a Schooner. Last Thursday, October 13, Hugh and I and three other guys set out from Lake Huron to sail and motor a 65 foot schooner south to Fort Myers, Florida where it will stay and do day trips for the winter.

We’ll be traveling for about three weeks and I’m going to try to post something every day or so. So click the link and subscribe so you can follow along on a trip of a lifetime!

Happy reading!


About juliemckaycovert

I am a therapist, teacher, photographer and published author. I am a lover of life and nature. My husband, Hugh, and I live off the grid on a remote 40 acre island, Shelter Island, just off of Drummond Island in the far eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This blog is about my life, a life I thought I'd never be able to live. This blog is about dreams and ideals being manifested. It is about daily events with a backwoods twist. It is about the simple pleasures and wonders being brought forth. I invite you to be inspired and even, as some friends have, live vicariously through my words.
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